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Ooh ooh ooh

Hello every one!
Corr I'm jealous this site looks pretty smart compare to uk-mkivs [;)]

Well look forward to reading up on everyones Audi projects and problems. This will aid my choice in my next car!

Chat to you all soon

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Nice to see you've made it over [Y] We're hopeful that some good content will be posted over the coming months so do keep checking back!
Looking very slick Tabs! [Y]

So, hello everyone lol! [:)]
Just popped over from UK-MKV's to say hello!

Site looks good.

Hi all!

Good timing this. Just making plans for replacing the Golf, and 2 of the 3 on the short list are Audis! As ever, it all depends on how the finance pans out, but I'll be keeping an eye on this place for tips and tricks.
Hi just another person having nosey at the sister site and must say looks pretty smart
Hey, i popped over from ukmkiv's too, but the down side is that i no longer own a VW and have never owned an AUDI, LOL! Am i still welcome? HAHAHAHA

I hope to own an AUDI one day. Maybe the RS6 Estate [H] (in my dreams!)
Hi Guys,

Some of you may know me from I am changing my missus's Golf for an A3 sportback within the next couple of months so this could be a useful place for some info.

Also I can help with some of your questions as my job is working on Audi's!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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