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Hey folks.

So the driver-side headlight jet washer cover was missing when I bought my A3 1.9 110 2003.

I have just found the hole has been plugged with a bit of rubber hose with a bolt in the end. Pulled it out and there's a constant flow of water coming out, I think this is normal behaviour though(?). Here it is:

Lifted the passenger side cover up, there's a jet similar looking to this:

I found a fuse in the ashtray after I bought it, turns out it is the rear wiper fuse. When I plug it back in, the rear wiper just seems to wipe back and forth continuously. So I found and fixed a washer hose leak just before the tailgate. I also picked up a replacement rear wiper motor which I am going to fit today. Is this fuse the same as the fuse for the front jet washers? The passenger side jet doesn't seem to lift the cover and spray as it should, or at least I think that's how it works?

Can anybody advise what is missing, looks like the jet shown in the second image is missing from the driver-side as well as the cover. I can find loads of the jets on eBay, but can't find any of the covers. Any idea what the proper term is for them? Part number maybe?

Your help is much appreciated


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