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There is now a section under the Market Place for posting your Group Buys. Same rules apply as to those used on uk-mkivs:

We have decided to change the ways in which group buys are now set up and run.

For this new process, we have set up 3 sub forums for group buys:
GB Requests - This is where requests for GBs will be posted.
Live Group Buys
­- This forum will contain any group buys which are presently active.
Any group buys which have not been authorised by the admin/moderator
team will be removed.
Closed Group Buys - All previous group
buys will be moved into this forum so that the Live Group Buys forum
only contains group buys that are open.

Group Buy Requests:
you wish to set up a new group buy, you will have to put a post in this
sub-forum first. The main purpose of this is to allow the forum admin
and moderators to establish the validity of the proposed group buy. In
addition it gives the organiser and other members a chance to discuss
the proposals and to gauge interest in the group buy.

admin/moderator team will then review the group buy request, and if we
feel that the group buy will obtain enough interest and is appropriate
to our members, it will be approved (via PM or a post on the request)
and a new thread will need to be posted in the live group buy section
to get the relevant names and details of participants.

We may also ask you for further information when deciding on whether to make the group buy live or not.

you are to be acting as a go-between for a company and/or individuals,
we must be made fully aware of the group buy details and information
relating to the potential group buy before we will allow it to be
published. Where possible, we also ask that the group buy is arranged
so that members wanting to participate in the group buy can contact the
company supplying the goods directly to arrange payment and delivery
using a GB Code.

We request that you seek suppliers and provide details of who is supplying the goods and costs within your GB request post.

companies that are wishing to run a group buy but are not currently a
site sponsor will have to seek prior approval from a member of the
admin/moderator team before they are able to post a group buy feeler.
Any company posting a group buy without approval (non advertisers) will
have their thread removed.

Live Group Buys
If your group buy is approved, you will need to open a new thread in the live group buy section.
new post must include: names of participating members, exact costs of
goods, and contact information for the supplying company.
Please note that ANY unauthorised Group Buys placed by any member in this section without prior approval will be removed.

Closed Group Buys
the live group buy has run and has closed, the original poster will
need to contact a member of the admin/moderator team know so that the
thread can be moved to the Closed Group Buy section.
As and when group buys are setup please refer to these rules [Y]

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