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We have been dealing with the UKMKIVs for almost 8
years now. We continue to offer members 10% discount off our premiums.
I have personally been a member since i bought my Golf GTi 1.8t back in

Now that they have recently launched the UK-Audis forum we are extending the same offer to their members.

To obtain a quotation you simply need to visit
and complete a new quote application. The details get submitted to us
to calculate and we send a price back by e-mail. If you supply us a
mobile number we can also text you the price once it has been
calculated. During opening ours quotes are usually returned with 2

In addition to the discount we are also able to offer preferential rates for members when it comes to modifications.

can usually add a remap and other minor modifications(ie Revo, Bluefin
etc) to a new-quotation/renewal free of charge, if added mid policy a
£25 admin would apply.

If you drive a modified/performance VW
please give us a try, it only takes 3 minutes to complete our quote
application form and you should be Very Happy with the results.

Below is a brief outline of our underwriting criteria:

Minimum Age:
Driving licence: Full licence must have been held for 12 months
No Claim bonus: We require a minimum of 1 years NCB on all policies
Vehicle Value: Drivers aged 21-24 our maximum value is £17,000
Postcode Exclusions:
There are some postcodes that due to our bad claims experience that are
exlcude from our scheme. The main ones are Manchester (M), Bradford
(BD), Liverpool (L), Warrington (WA1-13) and Oldham (OL)

Obviously we may not be able to quote for everyone but those who fit our criteria should receive a competitive premium.

We are able to offer some unusual policy benefits that may be of interest to members.

Like for Like Replacment
modified components on the car that were damaged in a claim would be
replaced with the modified part again rather than factory standard
(99% of insurers would only replace with standard items)

Optional Track Cover
can offer optional cover for UK track days giving you the chance to
test your cars performance to the most on circuits around the country.
*for full terms and conditions please contact us*

Keyloss protection
cover towards replacement locks on the vehicle should your keys be lost
or stolen. On modern cars replacement keys/locks can be very expensive
due to the security systems built into the fob. This will not effect
your NCB and there is no excess to pay.

New Car Replacment
If your vehicle is under 12 months old and is involved in a total loss claim our insurers would replace it with a brand new car.

Free Forign Cover (Greencards)
can include up to 90 days Fully Comprehensive European cover on our
policies. (most insurers charge to issue Greencard/foreign cover)

Legal Expenses/Claims Management
quotations include £100,000 cover towards motor accident related legal
expenses. In the event of a non fault (recoverable) claim we can
provide credit repair, this means that the claims management company
would direct bill the third party insurer for the repairs saving you
having to pay your excess. A courtesy car would also be provided
(usually a like for like or similar car where available).

These are just an example of some of the benefits available on the various insurance products we sell.

Greenlight we pride ourselves on being vehicle enthusiasts, all staff
have a good knowledge of modifications and performance vehicles. Most
staff members here actually driver performance/modified cars themselves
so their extensive knowledge makes it easier for customers when
declaring modifications.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to PM me and I will reply during working hours.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards
Greenlight Insurance

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trying to insure the audi i have just bought i got knocked back??

seems strange as i have 6yrs ncb and 3 'good' points for zig zag parkage, dont think my area is that bad bl4

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BL4 is not a decline postcode so we should of been able to supply a quote, maybe some details were entered wrong on your application that caused the decline.

can you PM me your name and full postcode so i can trace the quote and look into it.

Best Regards

Neil (Greenlight)

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hi mate i had a quote come back, just a couple of questions is the 10% already taken off? could i add my wife to the policy as a provisional driver? does fully comp cover me to drive vehicles not belonging to me? and lastly where it asks for bhp at flywheel i havent had mine on rr yet so not 100% but i guessed 180 with remap and miltek, would i be better to up that to 200 so i know it will be under or would it be ok at 180?

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If you state details on the club membership question on the interent application form the discount is already applied

Without the quotation reference i wont be able to look at your records, I think i should be able to answer your questions from the info in your post.

What make is the re-map usually their webiste (ie revo) would give an estimate of the final bhp. 180 sounds like a good indication we have cars with similar specs to yours with that have declared a similar BHP.

We cannot add a provisional driver, because we insure modified and performance vehicles we require that all drivers have held a full licence for a minimum of 12 months. To be honest i dont think you will be able to find anyone that could insurer a modifed car like yours for a leaner driver.

Driving other cars benefit is avaialbel to drivers aged 25 and over (providing you are not involved in the motortrade)

Best Regards

Neil (Greenlight)
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