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Finally ordered my new A3 S-line!!

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I'm going to place an order for the below at some point this week, what do you think of the spec, is there any other essentials that I should be considering?

Audi A3 3dr 140PS S-Line
Phantom Black
Xenon plus headlights with LED DRL's
USB connection
Interior light pack

I've thought about the black grille but I actually think the chrome one looks better on the facelift A3.

Also considered Bose but I think it's a lot of money for what it is, I listened to a Bose system when I was shopping around for an 8L S3 a few years back and was disappointed.

I'd be looking to retrofit the RNS-E navigation pretty much straight away.
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Personally, I wouldn't have cruise as ive never used it. Not sure about bose - would have to hear it first
Well i have bose in my s3 and am more than happy with it compared to my old mk5 gti standard system which was pretty tat. theres a good amount of base from the subwoofer too even tho its only small.

As for the rns-e i was bidding on one on ebay last night which went for only £420 in the end which is an awesome price compared to audi prices, my cut off was £400 tho as i cant really afford it at the mo.
£420 is a bargain, was it a UK seller?

I don't think it's a straightforward swap on 07+ cars, I read that you need to install a diversity adapter (using parts from a Golf MKV) to get decent FM radio reception. Not difficult but just bumps up the cost by another £150.
Seems like a sensible spec choice Sem, it's easy to get carried away and at audi prices it soons gets scary lol!

I've got the Bose in mine and personally i love it, worlds apart from the standard system i had in the MKV GTi and noticeably better than the stock Audi system imo, i also have cruise but had it retro-fitted for £130 so maybe thats an option for you also?

My 'must haves' on top of your spec if i was buying again would be...

MFSW - Use it loads and really like the convienience

GSM preperation - Very handy nowadays and even though you can get a Parrot kit or similiar for less money i love the way the Audi kit integrates with the MFSW/Rns-E/Voice commands/Phonebook in the DIS etc..

Auto dimming rear view mirror - Had this feature in my last 3 cars, daft as it sounds couldnt be without it now

Bose - Sounds great!

Edit to add 20 Spoke alloys - Bargain at £200 as an option imo [Y]
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Cheers Steve, know what you mean about getting carried away. Think i'll try my luck with the dealer, see if they can throw smething in for free [:D] doubt it though with the deal i'm getting!

The facelift S-line comes with the MFSW as standard. Did consider the GSM prep but not sure how well it will integrate with a Blackberry, will do some more research on that though.

I actually prefer the standard alloys on the facelift, the 20 spokes look like they will be nightmare to clean. Why did Audi stop doing the BBS CH's as I would have loved those.
Yeah after seeing the deal your getting i reckon the chance of something thrown in for nowt are pretty slim lol! [:D]

Bonus on the MFSW coming as standard now! Does that mean you can spec the FBMFSW as an option then?

I love my 20 spokes, but have to agree that they are a nightmare to clean and i do worry about the possibilty of the diamond cut lip corroding in the future, still love them though...
Still no option on the FBMFSW.

I've managed to better the last set figures I sent you [;)] I could have also got a black grille thrown in for free if I had signed on Friday but I walked away, the dealers seem pretty desperate at the moment!
Hehe, sounds like you've got them right where you want them [;)]

You've got to be pretty close to pulling the trigger on one by now then? lol!
Sem, I wsa going to have the USB connection but decided not to in the end as there's already an AUX input. Plus, if you're retro-fitting the RNS straight away it has SD slots for you to fill with MP3s!

Mind if I ask what discount and what dealer? FWIW, Solihull seemed pretty open to a deal and I mentioned some pretty hefty discounts. PM or email me if you want.
[quote user="Beddie"]

I love my 20 spokes, but have to agree that they are a nightmare to clean and i do worry about the possibilty of the diamond cut lip corroding in the future, still love them though...


I do like those 20 spokes but the cleaning issue put me off (call me lazy!). I think the standard alloys will be bad enough.
Just checked on a couple of forums and it looks like GSM prep works on the Blackberry (but no compatible cradle is available), I do like the idea of viewing phonebook etc on the DIS so I think i'll have this too.

Checked on Kufatec and it'll cost more to retrofit:

Will drop you an email tomorrow Dave [;)]
LOL.....those extras are mounting up Sem!!

I'm trying to keep them to a minimum but so far I'm up to:

Heated seats (got them now and want them again!!)

Metallic / Pearl paint

Interior light pack

GSM phone prep


Oh, and don't forget Sem, they have a service option costing £250 for 3yrs / 36k miles of servicing. Seems like a bargain to me.
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I did consider heated seats too but i've managed to live without them up until now so left them off.

Yep, the servicing deal is a bargain, i'm doing 20k a year though - anyone know the cost of long life services?
Taken from a thread on AS:

Stafford Audi - £290.00 and they charge £13 + VAT for a litre of oil

Stoke Audi - £260.00 and £13.50 for a litre of oil"
Go on Sem, get the heated won't regret it on those cold winter mornings!
[quote user="davemk"]

£13.50 for a litre of oil"


Dave, Costco is your friend.... £11.17 Inc. VAT for 3 1 litre Castrol Edge Longlife bottles, less than £4 a litre, bargain!
Is that the correct grade of oil, Beddie? That's a fantastic find!
So the oil charge is in addition to the servicing cost shown above, seems a bit bizarre to me?
Not sure Sem. Like I say, I just took that from a thread on AS. I'd assume that it's a litre of top up oil for between services otherwise I'd agree, it's a bit bizarre to charge for the oil as an extra.
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