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Finally found it..... hello

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Hi all, finally found this site. Previously a member from ukmkivs and audi sport .

those who know me usually call me the trainee (noooo idea why).

Currently driving an a4 cab, 3.0 V6. Its up for sale hoping to get an S4.

pics at

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Bloody hell, WTF are you doing on here[:D]

Welcome matey and take it easy when your at the ring, no smokin brakes this time [<:eek:)]
[quote user="wellsy"]

Keep your nuts tight.


Will I ever live that one down?......
It will probably be the first thing I ask you whenever there's a problem with your car...

Mind you, wasn't it the first thing I asked you last time lol! [:D]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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