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hi all,just came over from mk-iv's after selling my bora tdi n getting this audi a4 tdi 130.

ive a few probs with car so ill list them and any help would be good.

1/boths front fogs n/g and it tells me on dash bulbs n/g all the time..bulbs seem ok though and fuse ok and back fogs working ok???

2/Horns not working(fuses ok),but it does show on/off when i press it whilst in vag-com in measuring blocks.

3/engine temp sensor all over the place,ie sometimes on sometimes ok for 1st ride of the day,but soon as engine turned off then back on again it stays at Zero?,,sometimes stays in the 60/90 possition after engine turned off and keys out,will do this all night aswell,ie get in it in morning and before i put the keys in the gauge is already at 60 or 90 degs.

ive replaced the coolant temp sensor with a known good one and a brand new after market one and still same probs,,,i was going to get a new themostat and try that but dont think its that.

ive got shareware vag-com and all temps in measuring blocks are matching spot on and reading ok,ie starts off and rises to correct temps.

ive also read about some probs with the actual dash gauges failing?but its about £200 and pricy if its not that thats the prob..

anyone else had or know anything about the above...ta .
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