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Hi guys, I am about to get an 54 reg A3 Sportback, and while on the VAGparts website looking at the iPhone cradle, I noticed these:

A3 2009 5 door tail lights
Set of four 2009 5 door A3 tail lights with fibre optic running lights

Will these fit straight on or is it a completely different rear-end?

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Taken from a post by mattandrew on Audi Sport:

"I put 12volts to the different pins earlier on the new SB lights and heres the extra ring on the new lights

My theory

In order to get the inner ring to work you will need to enable the
inner light as a side light with vagcom (its what normally is the fog
but you can enable it with a lower % power with vagcom) - I have
already done this on nathans with his current lights)
you will then need to get a repair wire and link the extra pin to the
fog feed (but also a feed for the newly enabled side light.

EDIT Using the above method there would be the rinf and the fog on dim when the side lights are on, another option would be to take a power off the number plate lights to power the led ring

Not sure about the outer light yet as ive not seen the older connector,
similar may need to be done. Pic below shows the outer light with the
bulb holder out. The three wires which can be seen I think are new?? I
12 + & - to the black and blue and the ring lite up. not sure what
the red does.

I will know more on Saturday when I see nathans SB

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