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it not that much if you wait for the right price on ebay you can get it quiet cheap,

if you already have the single grill, and want to change it to a sline all you need is the bumper, which will cost around £90ish from ebay,

these are the prices around from ebay

  • Front bumper (£90)
  • Side reinforcement bar (runs behind bumper side to side) (£25)
  • Bonnet (£80)
  • Fog surrounds x 2 (£20)
  • Fog lights x 2 (£40)
  • Fog light plugs x 2 (£5)
  • Repair wire for Fog connectors (£5)

but remember those are only a guide for how much they go on ebay
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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