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Taken from AudiSport:

[quoteuser="mattandrew"]Ok here goes, after months of deciding I took the plunge and went for
the conversion. Originally I had the split grill on my A3 - at the time
of buying it was at the top end of my budget so was the best I could
get. Leather interior was on the priority. My first purchase was the
ABT front conversion panel, then I fitted an ABT lower spolier - I
loved the look of this but still wanted the single grill so took the

At purchase

For the conversion I had to purchase

  • Front bumper
  • Side reinforcement bar (runs behind bumper side to side)
  • Bonnet
  • Fog surrounds x 2
  • Fog lights x 2
  • Fog light plugs x 2
  • Repair wire for Fog connectors

The bonnet on the pre-facelift is a slight different shape to the facelift bumper

I didn't use the red bumper in the pic - this is for sale

The old bumper was removed along with other panels to gain access to bolts etc. Across the middle behind the bumper is the aluminum side reinforcement which needs to be replaced.

The new bonnet was then fitted. The bonnet is the same on all single grill 8P's.

All the rubber/plastic plugs etc were transferred to the new bonnet as was the sound proofing.

I managed to source an S-line bumper, only a month or so old from a fellow member (Nathan aka N8KOW) the beauty of this was the bumper
was the same colour as mine (well i was hoping the shade was correct as
when the bonnet went for painting I found there are 9 shades of akoya

The bumper went on like a dream, lined up to all the mounts like a glove. Before the bumper
went on I fitted a new black optics grill (still have old one if I
choose to change), new fogs - as the old ones are a different shape and
fog surrounds.

All the under tray, panels etc, were then refitted. I still need to fit
the new plugs for the fog lights as the new fogs are a different shape
and also the plug is different to the foglights fitted to the facelift 8P. Some of the early single grill bumpers use the same fogs as the split grill bumper.

The car then went to the body shop to have the bonnet sprayed.

A few other mods can be seen in the pics - Votex side skirts, these
need respraying as the colour match is slightly out as the body shop
sprayed them without the car been present to get a perfect match. Also
the tints have been done 35% all round.

The result

Edit - You don't need the carrier its the side reinforcement you need (the aluminum bar that runs behind the bumper, side to side)

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There could be a possibility that the latest facelift grille and bumper will fit the pre-facelift (03/04) A3's without requiring a bonnet change. The new facelift grille looks to be flatter across the top, very similar to the pre-facelift.

I have to say Akoya Silver is one of the worst colours Audi ever did, it looks like lilac in those pics!

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There's no easy way i'm afraid, the facelifts are too new so you wont find any front end parts at a breakers for a while.

Thinking about it, if it did work you would also need the new facelift headlights too.

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TBH, i don't see the point of facelifting....

It will cost a bomb and i kind of like the look of mine...

And, with a vortex front lip...which one looks more aggressive:

(needs lowering)

I was thinking an S3 bumper for a while but i think the way forward is votex...

It's kind of OEM plus....kind of the look that I'm after.

Not too drastic but subtle modifications !

And also......Miles cheaper than a facelift :D

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it not that much if you wait for the right price on ebay you can get it quiet cheap,

if you already have the single grill, and want to change it to a sline all you need is the bumper, which will cost around £90ish from ebay,

these are the prices around from ebay

  • Front bumper (£90)
  • Side reinforcement bar (runs behind bumper side to side) (£25)
  • Bonnet (£80)
  • Fog surrounds x 2 (£20)
  • Fog lights x 2 (£40)
  • Fog light plugs x 2 (£5)
  • Repair wire for Fog connectors (£5)

but remember those are only a guide for how much they go on ebay
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