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So, the bug question - do you think Lewis is going to do it? [au]

After Massa's pointless finish yesterday our biy Hamilton only needs to come second in the last three remaining races. I can of course see this going to the wire again lke it did last year.
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Its been a good season...looking forward to Qualifying!!
Im a ferrari fan.........not a kimi or massa fan though but ferrari....and i think that the officials are messing up the sport. I say scrap the drive through penalty! they are getting far too trigger happy!!!!!!!!!

on the plus side.....go Alonso!!
On the plus side of the race i really enjoyed the kimi vs Kubica battle, it showed how bad kimi has got and how good kubica has got! The ferrari was so fast in the straight ahead but kubica was the match for him!

Anyone else think that kimi is loosing it. He has 10 lap records to his name...he seems to turn on at some point in the race and do a few quick laps then fall asleep again!
Ye i think thats true....not very sporting of him. I was wondering if it could of been his playboy lifestyle. He was out partying alot before and still getting the results, he still has the speed but it isnt really working for him.

Crazy how bordais got the penalty!!!!
the different camera angles would make you think again!
Ye i know i think that Ham will do it this time around. 5th place is all he has to get! TBH can you point a finger at any other driver for being as fast and consistant? Ps im a ferrari fan
[quote user="bouncerMk4"]After the episodes with Shumacher does anyone share my fear that they (Ferrari) will sacrifice Kimi and take Hamilton off so Massa gets the title and Ferrari win the constructors - or am I being TOO synical[/quote]

(evil laugh!!!!)[:p]No i dont think they will do that at all.......Its weather they remember to turn Kimi to the "on" position and if LH bottles it or not imo
what do you guys think of the qualifying results?
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