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Here's my dolphin gray A3! She's spotless paint work is awsome.
1.6 sport with all the bits and bobs.. low point was a massive bolster tear in the alacantra but i stiched it up which youll see.
got her with 53k on the clock. Been for ever fixing all the bad niggles.. but what a car in comparison to my old bug.. for fuel.

heres the pics:

Plans for the car

Coilovers. (should get them for xmas)
Leon splitter. (Already have sitting)
S3 Rear bumper.
Wind deflectors
Possibly new wheels.

Been working on the car since i got it.. i think about 6 months ago and gave it a major over haul and service.

The last 3 months the car has had renewd:

2 x Front tires
2 x Trailing arms
1 x Exhaust gasket
1 x broken manifold bolt bored out and re tapped
4 x spark plugs
1 x alternator belt
1 x full liquids service
1 x fuel filter
1 x oil filter
1 x panel filter
1 x Lateral crash acceleration sensor

I cant recall if theres more lol.

But i now need:

Passenger window regulator
Central locking pump
and a Yaw rate sensor

And car should be perfect.

so coilovers come first before all that lol, might buy it some nice new window wipers front and rear, ill have a look at disks and pads as a crimbo gift to it.

any ways lol hope you like!


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Cheers Tabs yeh will have it looking the part soon enough having a house and child care and so on aint cheep lol so itll be slow until next sept.. then im hoping to maybe look at charging the 1.6 limper been looking at eaton 45 chargers to start it off.

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Lovely condition. If i were you though id keep the 1.6 for awhile and not uprate the suspension or anything. Get a good price for it as it is clean and well looked after and then id buy a 1.8T. They are getting cheaper now,and a remap alone will get you 180bhp

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thanks people, If i were to get rid of the A3 id go for the S3 but no intentions to rush into ridding of it!

hope to get my self some coilovers for crimbo, then ill get them fitted get her looking nice.

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I do intend to make the best of my car! as ive had a few tuned.. heres my glanza and clio (miss both)

so heres my old baby, Glanza 1.3 turbo at her peak she was running 220bhp i can fire up a spec later if asked.

video of her going.. mates a bit rough with the cam.." onclick=";return false;

soo bottom end failed at the time my partner fell pregnant and i had just bought my first house.. and i swapped the car away

Clio 172 phase fast! cat cammed.
31 only in this colour so shes rare.

no videos of the car unfortunately..
Hope you like them.
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