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It is possible to turn the seat belt warning alarm off, if so how??? I always wear my belt so don't really need reminding all the time. Plus I can have something as stupid as a can of something on the passenger seat and the bloody warning alarm goes off = very annoying let me tell you.

Any help would be aprreciated cheers

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here ya go mate

Modify/Disable Seat-Belt Chime:
Follow 'Initial Steps', above, then...

  • Click on '17-Instruments'
  • When you go into this module, it will scan for fault codes and go straight to a fault code screen. It should say 'No Fault Codes Found'. Click the 'Done, go back' button to get to the main screen for this module.
  • Click 'Recode - 07'
  • Make note of your original coding.
  • Hover over the code with the mouse pointer, and it will show a pop-up balloon with information about the various digits of the code.
  • One of the digits (2nd, counting right-to-left) is for the seat-belt chime configuration. It's originally set at '6' (USA). Changing it to '0' disables it entirely. For example, change 0002463 to 0002403
  • Change this value in 'Software Coding___'
  • Click 'Do It!'
  • Click 'Close Controller, Go Back'

mines already off :D
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