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Does anyone know if.....

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It is possible to turn the seat belt warning alarm off, if so how??? I always wear my belt so don't really need reminding all the time. Plus I can have something as stupid as a can of something on the passenger seat and the bloody warning alarm goes off = very annoying let me tell you.

Any help would be aprreciated cheers
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It can be done but the question is how?

I got a garage to do mine (whilst servicing it) but im sure someone must know how to do it...
Vag Com!!

Search on this forum for vag com links and there are links to pages which show you how to do it.
OOO...i got

if your near enough to me, and you find out how to do it, I'll do it for ya !
Thanks I have it too, just need to know how lol

When I get a chance I will trawl through the threads............

here ya go mate

Modify/Disable Seat-Belt Chime:
Follow 'Initial Steps', above, then...

  • Click on '17-Instruments'
  • When you go into this module, it will scan for fault codes and go straight to a fault code screen. It should say 'No Fault Codes Found'. Click the 'Done, go back' button to get to the main screen for this module.
  • Click 'Recode - 07'
  • Make note of your original coding.
  • Hover over the code with the mouse pointer, and it will show a pop-up balloon with information about the various digits of the code.
  • One of the digits (2nd, counting right-to-left) is for the seat-belt chime configuration. It's originally set at '6' (USA). Changing it to '0' disables it entirely. For example, change 0002463 to 0002403
  • Change this value in 'Software Coding___'
  • Click 'Do It!'
  • Click 'Close Controller, Go Back'

mines already off :D
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