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Condor Grey ?

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Does anyone have any pics of condor grey on a Sportback please ?
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FWIW, I've only seen it on an A6 (I think). It's got quite a strong green hue to it.
hmmm - lava grey is quite dark isn't it ? Or is that meteor grey ?
As Dave says, Condor is more like green and not grey.

Lava is almost black but has a very nice pearl effect to it.

Meteor looks like grey primer.
is there a "nice" grey now ? Not 100% on black ( as the A4 is black too )
Quartz Grey and Daytona Grey but they are £1600 options.


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£1600 ? Fap me - I could lick it on cheaper I reckon...
Sounds like you're having the same predicament that I was having Damian!
yep - black Golf, black A4 - and I saw a grey s-line t'other day...think it may have been meteor grey and it got me thinking...[:cool:]
If it was a facelift, it'll probably be Meteor Grey - looks nice in bright light but like primer in dull conditions.

If it was pre-facelift, it'll probably be Dolphin grey. Why they got rid of it is beyond me. Great colour.
arse- it was pre-facelift so dolphin grey it was then
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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