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Concert II questions

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Hello everyone!

Ive got one of these concert II's in my A3. I dont really want to change it to an aftermarket one (going for the OEM look), nor the double DIN as parts like frame and the buttons are pricey, but i need to do a couple of things to it!

Firstly, how easy is it to fit an iPod (or namely my new 3g iPhone [:D]) onto the stereo. I need it for the music, but I wouldnt know where to start about converting to bluetooth so open to suggestions!

Also, Ive got a sub and amp from my old Golf, but theres a sub in my A3. Basically, could I use the current sub cabling from the headunit to the sub as speaker and remote cabling? Then all id need to do is run a power cable from the battery to the amp and hey presto?

Any comments much appreciated. Cheers!
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Hiya mate,

The ipod adaptor is fairly easy to sort out, you can get a genuine Audi ipod kit or third party (kufatec or similiar) from ebay, just plugs into the back of the stereo and route it into the glovebox or even down in front of the gearlever if you have the ashtray delete kit..

Is the sub in the A3 an aftermarket one or the one fitted with the Bose kit?

If its aftermarket you should be ok with what you have planned i would have thought, if it's the Bose sub it may be a bit more complicated due to having the Bose amplifier

Cheers mate, the iPod adapter is going to be the first thing on next months list! Along with an iPhone holder - Do you know if audi make one? Dont want it to look tacky.

The sub in my a3 is the bose one, do you know if I can use the wiring for it? Its not that Id need to use the actual wires, its more if I can use the connections on the HU to my advantage.

Cheers for the reply mate. Legend
Just be careful. The Audi and the Dension iPod kits are not suitable for the iPhone 3G. It will not charge the iPhone. Apple in their wisdom have change the way that they charge and have disabled charging via the 12v firewire pin. Dension has stated that they are working on a firmware update to correct this but I can confirm that it will not charge your iPhone 3G at the moment.

In the meantime you might consider something liek the griffin iTrip to play your tunes over an FM modulator. It's a pretty cheap option and will see you through until Audi and/or Dension find a solution.
Lol I just bought an xcarlink kit of the ebay! Works well but doesnt charge my iPhone 3G, to my dismay! Thanks for your reply though, I'll have to see if Denison bring out a new one.

I went for the xcarlink kit over the Audi one because Id wanted control of the phone while its in use (its my phone!).

The iTrip is really terrible, only is good if you live in a place with not so many radio stations (middle of nowhere) and on the motorway where stations are coming and going it is utterly useless! Sorry for the sour words, I spent £20 on one and it was money wasted!

Appreciate the reply
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