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i have audi a4 1.9tdi 2001 i think it has a concert 1 cd player not sure will a concert 2 cd player work for it wanted ot order one from the us at around 89 dollors which is about 50.00 uk pounds inc delivery much cheaper then uk.

emailed the seller and he has said it will work without any problem.

this is the email he sent about radio stations being a bit of a problem.

" Yours ought to say on your radio, concert 1 or 2. If you have a concert 2 you have no worries. The unit will swap right in. However, there is concern that a majority of UK stations are on even frequencies IE: 100.6 and US radio is majorly on odds IE: 100.7. The radio can tune to the whole range of radio signals, but some suspect it is setup for US odd numbers"

I'm not sure if you can use vagcom to unlock stepping by .1 instead of .2. However, this will still play your cd's and what not.

so what you guys think will vag be able to sort this out.

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