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Cheapest place to get vag-com from?

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as per the title really, im just wondering where is best to get it form, ive been looking at ross-tech in the us but i was just wondering if anyone else had gotten one cheaper in the uk?

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Ross Tech is meant to be the best bet as people tend to buy them from Ross-tech, add commission and sell them on therefore, you paying more...

I paid £85 (or thereabouts) for my cable.

It's an older version of Vagcom and you can't upgrade and the cable is not genuine but it does evrything i want it to...

The reason you cant upgrade is because the cable wont work with it as it is non-genuine.

I couldn't afford the real deal but i don't think mine is much different, does everythign i want it too anyways and is less than half the price.

If you want some of these, let me know and my mate might be abe to get some more
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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