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Bye Gti Hello Old Man Car.

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So I sold my Gti :( last weekend and picked up a Avant A6 2.7t manual to replace it, Been wanting to get a bigger car for no reason don't even need a big car lol.

My old boring slow gti (All lies)


Need to get some pics once I have changed the drivers wing has rot that they all seem to get, Mate is gonna spray it for nothing. :)




And a dog pic.

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Welcome to the forum.

That GTi looks spotless! Lovely motor. What are the plans for the Audi?

The dogs look like they're comfy in the A6!
Evening and welcome
Gti was great 3 years of owning it loved it to bits but got bored of it needed something different.

Plans for audi are the same as my golf get it going and looking good as it can might take a while though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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