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Brake Calipers

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Why dont they come 'powder coated'?

one thing ive noticed when you see a really nice Audi (even the new models) how they are let-down by 'pitted',rusting brake calipers!
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I know!! IT's a real let down esp when you have big wheels which let you see the brakes....

I'm thinking of spraying mine when i change them but it should be done on all the models, not just the s3 etc.
Did mine with 'smoothrite'

looks a little better
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That looks mint Adey...

Is it easy to take the calipers off an A3..

I done my Golf red...

Unsure what colour to do my A3...

I think Red looks a bit "boy racerish" now...

I might do mine silver as yours looks spot on Adey...

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Cheers Kaz

all i did with my calipers is paint them without removing them

a small 1/2" brush is good enough to do the job[Y]
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