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I am doing a cambelt change on my 2005 8P BKD engine, god dam its a pain as ive got the old engine mount arrangement.

There is a problem with some torque figures in my haynes manual, It shows two values for idler pully bolts but does not seem right and maybe someone can clarify it.

There is an idler roller/puller just below the tensioner on the left side, it has a double threaded bolt that has been replaced new. What is the torque figures for this?

I am showing in the manual its either 20NM or 40NM + 90deg, its not clear though as both are listed as idler pully, the second one though has a note that its the idler pully under the water pump (mine is not).

I started doing the 40NM then thought it was not right so did not do the 90deg, I have not got it to 40NM either, I would say it was about 30NM, if it should be 20Nm what should I do, back it off and do it again or just leave it, or take it all off and check that it has not damaged the threads and/or replace the bolt?

The second seems a little high for a M8 bolt.

Help, hope ive not done any damage.
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