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This is on a 130pd diesel model, but may by helpful to other models.

If you break something down blame me :lol:

You need to remove this cover which is there to prevent rain water getting into the pollen filter housing.


The front edge simply pops out from under the seal, or you can pull that bit of the seal off

Then it simply pulls outwards towards you to reveal the hosing


You simply press the two clips you can see to unlock it, then lift the front edge up and pull it out towards you.

You will however come across a little obstruction in the form of the terminal cover


Easy resolve to this though you simply unclip it like so


Once out you will see the filter that just lifts up, and out. Take note of which way it is seated in case you forget when you come to fit the new one.

As you can see it needed changing


When you come to fit the housing top, and cover make sure you seat them properly as if they aren't water gets into the filter causing steamy windows.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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