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This is on a 130pd diesel model, but may by helpful to other models.

If you break something down blame me :lol:

Right Tuesday I got a bit of time to myself so I set about changing all of my bulbs, bar the fogs as they were that fused i snapped my T20 bit so I've sprayed them with a bucket load of WD40 to soak, and I will try to get them swapped at the weekend if I have time.

For the main, and dipped beams I used Night Breaker Gold+


For the side lights I used some eGay xenon white 501s


For the indicators I used some chrom dipped bulbs to get rid of the orange


Here is a little comparison shot of the standard and night breaker bulbs next to each other

mmmmmmmm look at those sexy golden bits

Right down to the nitty gritty, and before you start if your planning on doing this in front of the car because your lazy and can't be bothered walking all the way to the kitchen table get a nice big piece of cardboard.

There are 4 Torx bolts/screws holding each light unit in place.
There are two on top that are clearly visible

One down the left hand side by the radiator hose

One down by the power steering reservoir

The two on the top need to come out completely, but the two at the bottom only need to be loosened off.
There is a little plug that holds part of the loom to the unit that you have to pull out also that is on the inside

Once this has been done the unit will slide out a few inches to allow better access to the main loom plug.
Once out a few inches you can then get a flat headed screwdriver into the release hole for the loom which needs to be pulled off the unit to fully pull it out

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The drivers side involves a little bit more as you have to remove the cold air feed pipe, but this is only a case of removing two screws that you can see below. Once these have been removed you simply pull the two pieces of plastic pipe up, and the top piece just clips into the air box.

Also be mindful of the bonnet release cable when removing/refitting the drivers side as it passes along the top of the light unit

Then there are two on top again

One on the inside where you can also see the small loom plug needs to be pulled out

And one down the back near the air box

Now remember that piece of card I spoke of earlier well this is where you use it. Stick it on the floor so you can put the light unit down without damaging it.

There are two metal clips that need to be popped open so you can remove the plastic covers. You can use your fingers so don't be tempted to use a screwdriver, or similar as you will most likely break them.

The indicator bulb holders simply twist then pull out. It's at this point that you need to put a clean pair of gloves on as the oil, dirt, and grease on the gloves you have on will just damage your nice new bulbs.

When you take the plastic covers off you will notice that the sidelight holder is hidden behind the leveling motor, but it simply twists out of the way

Once you have replaced the bulbs its time to fit the light units back into the car which is pretty easy you simply push them back in so that the clips sit into the bottom of the light and around the lower screws.

If the lights won't simply push in with minimal effort then they aren't lined up properly, so don't force them just pull them back out a bit and try again. Once in you just have to push the loom plug back on until it clicks, and clip the little loom back onto the side.
Then sit back and enjoy no more orange in your headlights, and much better light output.
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