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Following on from the front page news.....

The Siegen-based Audi expert B&B perfects the actual version of the
TT. Performance values, which normally are preserved by high class sports cars,
can be reached in 3 different stages (306, 324 and 362 hp). The
acceleration duration 0-100km/h is lowered to an enormous value of 4.6
seconds in the final stage - while maximum velocity level is on
280km/h. To reach these performance values, B&B mounts a special
turbo loader, a sport exhaust system with a special pre exhaust system
and a high performance sports catalyst as well as an electrical tuning,
perfectly harmonizing with these components.

Additional to this, the air intake system and air cooling
system gets prepared and replaced. To keep oil temperature on the right
level, B&B offers a special slim-line oil cooling system, to meet
the tuned engine's requirements perfectly.

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Can't say I'm a fan of that colour but then to get those figues and prove reliability wouldn't be bad at all [:)]

Bearing in mind I've just spec'd one up and spent £37k though, can't see me having one. Bugger [;)]

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