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Audis,as common as...........

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just an observation around the area i live (Notts) every other car i see on the road seems to be an Audi! [au]

alright i know they have the complete 'A' series', T.T's etc in the range but to me they seem to be the most popular model/car.

Is it me or is it the same around your area?

opinions welcome
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Funnily enough, I noticed this just the other day......loads of Audi about. Or maybe it's just because I'm more aware of them?
Probably the fact you are more aware of them imo. Good quality cars so would expect to see a fair few....would be worried if I did not see many.

Same with Mk5 golfs though they are everywhere, worse than Audi's in my area!!! At least with the Audi's I tend to see more variety in models.....

My 2 pence worth [:D]
I agree with K6tyw, probably just because you are more aware of them, I've noticed that with every make of car I've owned.

I'm always in a minority where I live anyway, literally and I mean literally every other car is a Honda, Swindon is where Honda's main plant is.

have noticed the same in notts but i think its down to the fact that i notice them more. when i had a civic i use to see them everywhere.

i do tend to see alot of q7's around now. [:mad:]
Katys said it, you're just more aware. She's right though down our way the mk5 golf (in any variant) is king [;)]
You never see anyone in the car your just about to buy until you get one. Im not joking within 3 weeks of getting my cab there were 3 in my close and a black tdi. Now the Kredit Krunch must be hitting hard as only mine remains.

I bet the place will be full of S4's if I ever get one....
yep i agree with katy aswell , being more aware if ya own one

the audi's are not that common round my way


one across the road is a

A4 avant 1.8t , also 2 doors down has an a4 1.9tdi

just past him theres a couple more A4's then 2 A3's and a couple of TT's

just people liking Good quality Cars .......
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That and the fact that if you believe in Top Gear until the death, Audi is the new BM for rep-cocks [;)]

I read this post yesterday, so today i tricked my mind by thinking i was driving a lexus, (i was my combo van) , i only saw one lexus

so do you think

1) lexus cars are rare in lincolnshire

2) lexus drivers dont come out on a saturday

3) thinking i was driving a lexus , but sat in the combo, so all the lexus cars were running in stealth mode?

4) is it different driving a certain make of car, or thinking you are driving a certain make of car

could some one else try this out , and see what happens[:D]
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Dave, have you been fantasising about driving a Lexus? [:O] That's a potential uk-audis ban coming your way. [:D]
I think its also cos alot of audis are company cars! Just like there are looooads of 5 series Beemers on the M'ways!
i see loads round the mids!! all normally driven by coks in suits with sunglasses on and their nose in the headlining somewhere!! but you do seem to notice cars when you own one more!!
[quote user="davemk"]

Dave, have you been fantasising about driving a Lexus?
That's a potential uk-audis ban coming your way.


I saw a lovely 54 plate lexus IS200 there yesterday. it was metalic grey with grey standard alloys.
i quite like them stevee, not saying the le?us word though just in case a ban is imposed on me[:D]
You pagan! They are abit soul- less. New models look sweet too. Few customers have is250's with leather and the works. But autos :(
I hate lexus's working with cars i find them a mare!! everything is back ordered,never a simple repair,always need to go to dealers for stupid lights etc [:mad:]
i thought they were very reliable cars, they always seem to get top spot in the jd power thingy
They are but were in accident repair and reliable or not people still cant stop been silly and smashing them up[:)]
There a afew around that have over 200bhp as they have the Yamaha beams engine.
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