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Recently bought a new S3 from Lincoln Audi and am very pleased with car. Have had loads of VW,s in past and still have Mk4 GT DTi 150 and Polo 1.4TDi for cheap motoring. While out driving the other day a pigeon flew into the front plastic grill on the S3 emblem. So now need a new grill, chrome and badge. What is involved in the removal of the from grill assembly from the car and part Nos. Any info and details would be most appreciated.

Regards Bramangie
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Hiya mate,

Congrats on the S3, cracking car and i'm already jealous lol! [;)]

To replace your damaged grill it's gonna have to be a front bumper off job, fairly easy to do tbh as it's just removal of all the fixing screws and a bit of a wiggle to remove the bumper assemby...

Then you have to remove the grill itself by prising the securing clips apart, there is quite a few of them and a tip another member has given is to use half a dozen cutlery knives or similiar to prise apart a few clips at a time and work your way round..

Once the grill is removed, just reverse the process to fit the new one, i'd give some thought to taking the oppurtunity to replace the standard grey/chrome grill with the black/black one from the optics pack, looks great imo! [Y]

Bits can be had from ebay and the usual places like vagparts etc, although the black grill assembly can be had from an Audi dealer for £109, pretty reasonable imo...

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Hi there Beddie: Thanks for the good tip about changing the standard grill for the black grill. Is the price you quoted an estimate or is that the real Audi price? Only a german is trying to sell one on Ebay for about £225 plus delivery so your price is really tip top. Either way I will be going on your advice and replacing the standard grill for the black beauty. Is it a real pain to lower the front valance/spoiler arrangement? Have never messed with bodywork only engines.

Thanks for the help mate , cheers Bramangie Audi S3 sprint blue 08
£109 from the dealer?! that's cheaper to retrofit than to spec from the factory!
Hi there Sem

Just seen a white S3 out here in Holland with the Black grill fitted and his standard wheels also painted Black, wow what stunning looking car without looking "chavvy" and spoiling the classic lines. Checked with the local dutch VAG group dealer the other day and the black grill part No is: 8P0 853 651 and maybe 3FZ on the end? Their price is list without VAT 259.05 Euros. So if the price from UK dealers is only £109 then its a real steal and seriously good value. Got to have one at that? This dealer out in Holland had one of his customers cars down at MTM in Germany for the full works . So the UK end, Kim Collins or QST whatever, . sounds like the dogs for VAG tuning. Any other folks out there tried MTM products? Cheers all Bramangie, S3 sprint Blue
I'd check out some pics of the black grille on sprint blue if you can before you do it as i dont think it suits the sprint blue at all.
I think the black grille works best on white, red and black cars. I agree, it doesn't look quite right on the Sprint blue.
Yes I agree with all you say, but if the black grill is so cheap from UK dealers then I,ll give it a try and sort the wheels out to compliment the grill. Ordinary grey and chrome grills seem to be plentiful so they can be had pretty easily. Any people out there with experience and details of brake kit upgrades especially Brembo kits?

Thanks for all your comments and views

Regards Bramangie S3 sprint blue
Managed to get a great pic of two S3's side-by-side today at VW Festival, one had the black grill and the other had the grey - will post the pictures tomorrow [y]
Hi Tabs Thanks for the great pics, sounds like I missed a good weekend and should of arranged my offshore rota better. Will be about 4 weeks before I can play with the car again, so maybe fuel prices will fall and I can drive the beast a little harder---just try and avoid the bird strikes?

Great to get any emails or news etc when you are away from civilisation--keep them coming all.

Regards Bramanie. S3 sprint blue
Got my black grill from VagParts - you will also need a black license plate holder - almost half the cost of the grill again!!

Got my local body shop to fit it for I think £40 - hardly worth my effort - 2-3hrs work.
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