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Audi Mileage Marathon.....

The TDI is the world's most successful efficiency
technology. Now the latest Audi TDI is making its way to the US: Audi
is introducing the world's cleanest diesel to the streets of America
inside the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI with ultra low emission system. Once there,
and prior to its market launch, it will prove its supremacy when it
comes to driving fun and fuel efficiency in an endurance test - the
Audi Mileage Marathon.

The Mileage Marathon covers more than 4,800
miles - that's over 7,700 kilometers - running from New York to Los
Angeles through major cities and passing countless natural wonders.
From October 5-20, 184 drivers from all over the world will do more
than just get to know a lot of fascinating roads during a total of 13
daily stages - they'll also experience the confident sportiness and
extraordinary efficiency of the TDI models from Audi.

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my old mk4 golf was on 197k when i sold it....and still going now with more than 200k on it and with only 4k on the clock they wont even be run in and will be giving poor economy!! now if they did a tour of the coast of america that would be bettter
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