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Audi A4 racing game for iphone V2 Now available!

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Supposed to be pretty rubbish though.

Available on the App store.
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Rubbish lol - Bad controls and i get 0-60 in 0.5secs in my A4 :D good times
Downloaded earlier, what can I say other than it had all the makings of a great game but it's severley let down by the controls - waaay to sensitive.
Had a few hours on my hands last night so ended up playing this until I wanted to pass out. It really is missing a lot of features, making it far from a playable game.

-Could really do with a heads up type map or even arrows to indicate which way the track is bending.

-The cones make it hard to work out where the track goes and the broken white line showing the road gets in the way.

-The accelerator is basically on/off, would be cool if it actually worked like a realy accellerator.

There is a blatant way to cheat, as I dicovered, just keep turning into the side of the track and floor it. It'll keep correcting the car into the profile of whatever corner you're taking and avoid the cones.
Logged on to the Apps store yesterday and noticed there was an update available for the game - now on version 2.0 and with a shed of load improvements like on screen map of the course you're driving, better controls and wider track. There are also bonus cars to unlock by beating set times on each track.

All in all a lot better than the first version and it's pretty addicitve, too. [Y]
Just noticed it has a Ghost facility as well - They must have listeded to a lot of feedback left in the App Store by downloaders.

Hopefully they'll release v3 with even more content!
Tell you what I'm really digging this new update! I've unlocked the Audi R8 now - boy does that thing shift round the track. The new imrpoved controls make it really easy to play now! (not that I'm saying I need easy controls to play a game [:p])
Managed to update mine last night.

It is MUCH better.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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