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Hello Peeps,

Im new here please respect my first post. I bought a Audi A4 2004 1.8t last year my car suddenly started shaking vigorously took it to the garage who put diagnostic on the car and worked out coil pack had gone cylinder 3 so got all 4 changed with new BERU coil packs which was available instantly from eurocarparts and a higher rate than other brands.

Just yesterdat the car started shaking and loosing power again the car on idle revs at 1000 then drops also lags in speed took it to another garage who did diagnostic and said cylinder 3has a fault so changed that yesterday and today now again engine light has come on and is still having the same symptons only this time there is a hissing noise coming from engine too unable to locate the leak any ideas please as it is becoming really frustrating.

Thank you. :wacko:
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