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Audi A4 2.0 TDI Wins Fuel Efficiency Competition

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Following on from our front page news....

The second part of the efficiency drive through Austria and
Switzerland, like the first, was thoroughly successful: 20 randomly
s elected readers of a motoring magazine and a team of two from Audi
once again fully exploited the efficiency potential of the new Audi A4
2.0 TDI with an output of 88 kW (120 hp) in order to drive a route of
1,650 kilometers (1,025.26 miles) from Vienna to Basel and back on a
single tank of fuel.

All eleven teams reached the finish on Sunday: the most efficient
driver duo achieved an average fuel consumption of 3.32 liters of
diesel fuel per 100 kilometers (70.85 US mpg). This equates to CO2
emissions of 88 grams per kilometer (141.62 g/mile). With these
figures, it would even have been possible to cover a distance of over
2,000 kilometers (1242.74 miles).

This achievement once again topped the outstanding result of the
first part of the efficiency drive from Basel to Vienna and back. The
winning team of that round, which also lasted 1,650 kilometers
(1,025.26 miles), had recorded an average fuel consumption of 3.44
liters per 100 kilometers (68.38 US mpg) and CO2 emissions of 91 grams
per kilometer (146.45 g/mile). This, however, was at a higher average
speed of 81.4 km/h (50.58 mph).
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Wish my 143 multitronic was better on the fuel! Averaged 36.6mpg since new over almost 19000 miles :(
I wonder how the 120bhp is different. Is it like a bluemotion? low resistant tyres, better aerodynamics? Thats quite impressive. I normally get around 750mpg from my tank. Seen 770 before. Maybe 800 to dry...... They really must be doing an eco run!
what's the real world mpg for a a4 2.0 140d?
and heres me getting about 330 off a full tank [:mad:]
All depends how you drive and what sort of driving you are doing. For a mixture of town and steady drives you might see 45mpg over a tank. On pure motorway maybe nearly 50mpg over a tank.
[quote user="alan1572"]

what's the real world mpg for a a4 2.0 140d?


remaps honestly help - I regularly get 50+ in the Golf. Last week, I went from near J11 M25 to Coventry and back ( abt 208 miles ) and averaged 62.8 mpg / 58 mph. On the way to work ( about 3 miles ), the Golf will get 48mpg av but the Audi only 37mpg...

These a highline figures, not actual worked out like ya dad used to...[:D]
So what sort of fuel consumption can I expect from my new 2008 AQ4 2.0 TDi? So far I'm quite disappointed as the computer is showing 42mpg average with a mix of town and motorway.

I bought the car to replace an 8 year old Volvo S60 which had a 2.4 diesel which averaged 47mpg. It's surprising that the Audi is considerably more thristy !!!!

I'm, seriously considering a remap (any recommendations) but reckon it might take 3 years to recover the costs - but maybe not the extra fun.
A remap will help. I know it sounds simple but tyre pressures can make a huge difference.
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