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Here we have done an A3 which was booked into us after chatting to the owner at Audi in the park, the owner wanted a full correction detail which took 2 days to complete aswel as a change of wheels for the owner.

Products used:

* AS Tardis
* G101
* Snow foam
* Megs Gold class
* Euro mitt
* Megs mild Clay
* Wet Vax
* Menz 3.02
* 3M Fast cut
* 3M Ultrafina
* Menz/Sonus pads
* Sonus spot pads
* PB Blachole
* Petes 53

Car on arrival

Number plate surrounds taken off

Customer also wanted us to de-badge the car for him

once car was clayed it was then re-washed and dried inside with MF towels

Scratches heavily reduced on boot lip


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its all done with the Rotary and DA mate and the compounds that we are using. little tip for under the door handles, put a little compound(Menz 3.02 Power gloss) on your finger and start rubbing it in for a minute or 2 then leave to dry and wipe off. inspect the results and if need be do it again.

hope this helps
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