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Hello Mate's

It's me again, i could wait to open the thread to show my car, hope you guys give me more ideas.

Like you know from my presentation , i had on this car, my first Audi.. I have drive for a few months a Audi A4 B5 but it isnt officialy mine.

I really love this car, it was a gift and i havent choose any extras, only saw the car after it is on my garage.

But thats enought talking, let me show you.

Audi A3 8P 2.0TDI January/2007 # Marks

Technical Information:

Mark: Audi

Model: A3 8P DPF Sport

Color: Black Phantom

Engine & Transmisson: 2.0 TDI 182.2Hp - Manual 6 Gear

Suspension: Eibach Pro-Kit

Brake: Audi OEM

Wheel: Audi17" OEM with 225/45 ZR17 (91Y) Pzero Rosso Assimetrico

Dyno (Vamag):



  • Eibach Pro-Kit Springs
  • Cruise Control (Tempomat) (Not finished)
  • Chipped (around ~200hp)
  • ECS Dogbone Mount


  • Rear Audi Parking Sensor
  • Rain Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Mirror Caps Alu Matt Finish (S3 Look)
  • Wheels with Nitroplus
  • Roof Spoiler S-Line OEM
  • Leds on Rear Plate (Xenon Look)
  • Audi Rear Tail Lights Facelift 2008


  • S-Line Gear Knob
  • Cargo Mat
  • Interior Lights all powered by SMD Leds
  • Audi Rubber Mats
  • Golf Gti Pedal Set
  • Audi TT Footrest
  • Cruise Control (Tempomat)


  • Warning of not using safety belt turned off
  • Selective Open Doors System (Only drivers door open)
  • windows closing with only one press on key
  • DRL 10%
  • Luzes Stop Traseiras a 40%
  • Sidelights always on 50% 30%

Pictures Gallery

First Time i saw it...

Sidelights always on 30 %

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs...

Cruise Control mounted.. Missing some connectors :(

GTI Pedal Set... With TT footrest..

Leds Replacing all inside Bulbs.. Only White Allowed ;)

Rubber Mats...Audi OEM

Audi S3 Look Mirror Caps.. Alu Matt Finish.. Much lower expensive than originals..

One of the last mods i receive... Rear Tail Lights - Audi Facelift..

Last Mod arrived from AwesomeGtiStoreUk .. I will mont it next days..

Last one.. Picture that wins monthly picture contest of ..


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[quote user="aberdeengti"]

Hi Marks,

Great car you got there and nice photos

What's the difference between the outgoing rear lights on the 3dr A3 and new 'facelift' ones? Does the 3dr rears also have optical fibre/LED like the 5dr?


They look like this:

Next weeks i will install mine..
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