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Audi 40k Mile service

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Hi all,

Mines on a variable service interval with 44k miles on the clock, and the service indicator says its due in 500 miles.

Basically, I was wondering what Audi actually do when they service it? Change the filters, belts etc?

Or do they spit shine it and give it back to me with the indicator reset?

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Oil - filter..........fuel filter.....air filter......check belts for visual wear....check and top up all fluids.....maybe change the brake fluid if nes. But mainly change the above and check if anything seems that if say the coolant is low then they will search the cause
Mine has longlife servicing. The mechanic has to do it himself. there is a sequence they do with the onboard trip computer...i think its even in the owners manual. You have to hold down the service button for so many seconds before car turned on or something to that effect. Then it resets the service schedule and it should reappear as x miles to the next service.[Y]
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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