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Any pictures of the A1 floating about yet?

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(And that's of the car before any posts pictures of that god awful A road!!)

Surely something must have been leaked to gauge public reaction?
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They do say its competing against the Mini

So does look like the competition somewhat

chrome and multi coloured

They'll have to do something pretty special to wizz sales from BMW and other small car manufacturers?
the roofline reminds me of the Citreon Pluriel...
I quite like the look of it
Latest What Car reckons it'll just be powered by a 1.4 tsi rather than the petrol electric hybrid - anyone got any inside info ?

Better wait for the new Honda CRZ if A1 is not a hybrid ...
That's the worst spam I've ever seen. You haven't even made an effort and said anything.... [C]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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