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Any A2 owners ??

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Well surely i can't be the first registered A2 owner ??

Oh well looks like i'll be on my lonesome.
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1.4 TDI that has been Revo'd.. :D

Sounds like you got the thrills but none of the big engined bills!

Whats it like ?
It was great up until my intercooler decided to split so it goes into limp mode from time to time easy temp fix just turn off the ingnition and restart.

But very nippy when it was running perfect and still getting 60+ MPG.

Initially this was my wifes car but as we have to wee ones now she needed a bigger car so my golf had to go.So i just decided to keep this considering cheap tax £35 a year going to £30 next year [:D] cheap to run and insure.

Would recommend one to anybody a TDI version only though petrol versions are more expensive taxwise 1.4 £120 1.6 £155 (there abouts)
Sounds like a great little car...

Well..intercoolers gone soooo...

excuse for a FMIC and a HUGGEE turbo ... lol

Fastest 1.4 A2 in the world :D.
[:D] nope someone in Germany has been fitting an S3 1.8 turbo in theirs so they will have the fastest [:O]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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