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Adeys A3

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[quote user="Tabs"]

Looking good mate
Any mods or plans to mod her?


Thankyou - plans for mods? re-map (when i can convince the wife!![;)])

thats about it really - i tend not to keep them long enough! already thinking about the next one [6]
[quote user="haf1zur"]

What colour is that?


haf1zur - its 'Akoya silver'

im afraid the camera doesn't show the colour to its true potential' i think its a metalic finish and it tends to change colour depending on the weather - its like owning more than one car!!

you putting up some pics of the S5?? [6]
sorry mate - just read your other thread

S5 hopefully next year DURRRRRGH [:$]
Yeah, hopefully next year, i havent seen anything else that takes my fancy at all.

Looks nice, Love VAG cars as they always look the nuts standard
Cheers Nick - im a believer in keeping cars looking the way they rolled off the production line - isn't that the reason we buy them?

Thats not taking a swipe at you 'modders' by the way!!!
Cheers guys

Martyn - is that your actual ride height(sig pic)?

Have you decided if you are changing your front grille yet?
i wish it was as low as that [:D]

in time i might get a new bumper/grille but something different
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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