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A8 leasing

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How come its so ( relatively ) cheap ? I mean, a £51k car ( 3.0V6 TDi, auto, metallic, satnav,leather, xenons, electric front seats, bluetooth...for £505 p/m

I think thats a lot of car for the come ? I mean, its cheaper than an A6...Or is it just because no bugger wants to buy one due to hyper-depreciation ?
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hmmm - a rather intersting £10000+ discount being offered on the 3.0 TDi sport...probably more on the 4.2 TDi
£10000 discount????[:O] You know you're buying an expensive car when the discount is £10k!!

Don't think there's a new A8 coming out, is there?
dunno...will have a look

£ 13000+ on the 6.0 LWB...[:D]
Do you think we'd get that discount on our A3's? [<:eek:)]
it is rather odd. i do some work for a leasing company and you get deals like this from time to time (one of them has got the a8 on that deal). its probably due to them wanting to shift some cars and get some second hand ones back in the dealers after the lease ends perhaps to do with targets?. these type of deals are almost always with the manufacturers finance companies or are arranged through a finance company with a big discount.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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