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My wife has just been handed a 2009 A4. Having no experience of Audis thought here would be a good place to start with a few questions.

Am a bit confused going through the service book. All the usual stuff like oil filters etc seems to have been done, mainly Audi dealers. The service book says the service interval for the toothed belt, I am assuming cambelt is quoted as 114K miles which looks extremely high to my mind. Though in fact the service records shows was changed at 30k miles!
The display was showing oil changed 14.4k miles ago. I then reset that and now states needs changing in 9.1K miles. They in total make 23.5k miles when I believe the service
interval states 19K miles. If I then check the oil level it says " Please drain off oil". This was done with engine cold when I know ones is meant to check it when warm. I will just do a complete filter and spark plug change to know where I am starting from.
And finally vehicle came with one remote key fob and the plastic key that was in the glovebox. Is it possible to get a black key fob and programme it oneself? An what is the plastic one really for? Strikes me as odd as it sits in the glove compartment awaiting a thief to nick it and the vehicle.
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