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This is on a 130pd diesel model, but may by helpful to other models.

If you break something down blame me :lol:

You need to do this when the engine is cold, otherwise you will burn yourself. This is a job best done in the morning so the fluid has had all night to cool down.

You need a green 4pin temp sensor from Audi, DO NOT buy the cheap ones off eBay, or you will be doing this again very soon. You will also need the seal, and plastic clip to go with it.



Part number for the sensor is


First you need to remove the engine cover, which is done by popping the three plastic clips off to reveal 10mm nuts. It then just pulls up and off.

The sensor is hidden down the back left hand side as your looking from the front of the car, below the EGR valve.

You could possibly get to it as is, but you won't be able to see what you're doing so for this reason the best thing to do is either remove the small 90' elbow that connects the EGR to the plastic IC pipe


Or remove the whole plastic IC pipe which is what I decided to do so as not to damage the clip system that goes into the EGR

Start by undoing the bolt that holds it to the engine 10mm I think


The map sensor


This connector and the connector for the temp sensor are removed by putting a screwdriver into the slot and pushing down like so, then it just pulls off


Pop the two fuel lines out of their holder


Then lift the locking clip at each end until they click

Start with the IC end then pull the pipe out


Then the EGR end and pull it out


Once it is free you can work it out towards the driver's side of the car without removing anything else.

You can now see the sensor when you look down below where the 90' elbow pipe was



If you haven't been in your car yet then there should be no pressure built up in the system, but you should still remove the coolant cap to relieve any pressure, then screw it back on.

Remove the connector to the temp sensor as shown above


There is a plastic U shaped clip that holds the sensor in place, but I couldn't really get a pic of it. If you look at this pic from a Mk4 Golf you can see it is the same


It clips in from underneath the sensor. You should be able to pull it off with your hand, but if not there is a hole to get a flathead screwdriver in.

Now clip your new sensor into the connector with the seal on the sensor as in the picture at the top of the post. This is to stop any fluid getting onto the terminals of the sensor when you put it in.

Now all you have to do is pull the old sensor out of the housing, then push the new on in. The quicker you do this the less fluid you will lose, but you need to make sure the old seal comes out with the sensor, if it isn't on the sensor you need to stick your finger in and pull it out.

Now push the new U clip up into the groove to hold the sensor in place. If it won't clip in the sensor just needs pushing into the housing a bit more.

Then it is a case of refitting the IC pipe and clipping the parts back onto it and you're done.
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