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A3 Sportback, how much extra room?

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I've been looking at the A3 Sportback as one of the possible options for a new car. Hwo much extra storage space does the longer boot actually give?
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The boot on the sportback is noticeably bigger than on my 3 door, as is the rear seat space, not sure of actaul dimensions but working on it for ya chief [:)]
This particular sportback is my desktop and keeps me awake at night with thoughts of making my own... [H]

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Rear dimensions for the sportback

A3 Rear dimensions

i was given a sportback when my A3 was in for accident repair and i was impressed with the 'extra space'

also i suppose it depends if you want 3 or 5 doors
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i think its 350 litres as opposed to 330 in the 3 dr
Adey thanks for the images and info [Y] For me the Sportback offers the additional benefits over the 3dr that I will need.

Beddie - that indeed does look pretty special, for once a car actually suits the raked look so many people try to move away from!

What are the differences between the Sport and S-line models? I've seen plenty of sports for sale on 'Trader, but is the S-Line pack worth the extra wonga?
Your welcome [Y]

THE SPORT MODEL - in addition to standard model equipment

17" alloys

sports suspension

front fog lamps

front sports seats with Matrix design upholstery

3 spoke leather sports steering wheel

aluminium sill strips

D.I.S - Driver info system

electronic climate control

sun blind in rear parcel shelf

S LINE MODEL - in addition to sport model equipment

18" alloys

leather upholstery

front/rear bumpers in sporty design + roof spoiler

S-line rad grille

black interior head lining

3-spoke -line steering wheel with gear-change paddles (s tronic only)

matt-brushed aluminium inlays

illuminated vanity mirrors

perforated leather gear-knob

hope this helps but it depends if your buying brand new or second hand

with brand new you could add/remove certain items or with second hand you get what comes

I dont know how much extra you pay for the s-line over the sport - as for is it worth it? i loved the s-line where as the wife likes our sport model better!!

personal preferance mate
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IMO - I always prefer the s-line's looks so i'd be more than happy to pay a few more pennies
Adey, thanks again mate - some really good info there.

I'll be buying S/H, can't really justify the outlay for a new car at the moment. I do like the S-Line seats, especially the half leather/perforated cloth (sorry can't remember what it's called!). Beddie has them in his.
Again - your welcome Tabs

personally i agree with Damian regarding the 'looks' of the s-line, dont want to sound snobby (believe you me i aint) but you 'felt' as if you were driving a 'more refined'?!! model

here's the one we had for three weeks - 08 plate 2.5k on the clock and it had been battered!!!

do they only do the sportback as a 170? someone will correct me

next motor will be a sportback - or an S3!! [6]
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Stop tempting me [:D] To me they look like they've got the proportions just right, especially for what is basically a 5dr hatchback - which with curent designs is somethign that's sometimes hit and miss!

They have just released a sportback S3.... [H]

More images here

Best of both worlds maybe?
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Looks really good doesnt it. I'm liking the new lights but not to sure on the wheels at the moment might look better in the flesh
i got the sport because the extras you get with the s-line i personaly dont think are worth it

and the 1/2 leather is rubbish quality

i have a few friends one in particular has a 56 reg one and the leather is wearing really badly
I have the full leather and mine is fine after 2 yrs
Yeah - seen the pics for the new S3 Sportback - very tasty!!!!

sadly way out my price range though

here's another to 'whet your whistle' [;)]

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[quote user="adey"]

do they only do the sportback as a 170? someone will correct me


no, you can get the 140 TDi too, if thats what you meant
[quote user="adey"]

Yeah - seen the pics for the new S3 Sportback - very tasty!!!!

sadly way out my price range though

here's another to 'whet your whistle'


With different Rims, say blacked out BBS' that would be faptastic [H] I love the way this thread has turned into Sportback Porn! More!

Now we're talking, take those mutton shutters of the headlights though!
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