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A3 Security

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How naff is the audible alarm?? - i get a louder message tone on my mobile!

also the LED on the dash isn't exactly blinding!!

Seriously does anyone know if we (Audi owners) have the same problem as the VW owners regarding security, i.e. easy to break-into?

is it advisable to go down the de-lock route?
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Can't answer the question about security, but ironically enough Beddie managed to set his alarm off on Sunday at the mega meet.

And by GOD did we rip the sweet cleatus out of him. As we said - that car's not being broken into - it's more like "WARNING! THIS VEHICLE IS REVERSING".

So where is that securicor van performing maneouvres anyway.... [:S]

I actually questioned mine at my Audi dealership as I thought there may be something wrong with the siren. Apparently not!

They said something about European law dictating how loud an alarm can be etc. Can't do hurting the nasty burglars ears now can we.
There is a way how people can break into ur car in the same way they unlok your car if you lock your keys in to it...

On a few other forums, other people have had people break into their cars this way...

But i don't think there's a delock needed as on a mk4 as that was sorted i believe...

But breaking into your car, no alarm, no damage...sounds worrying...
Kaz - if you did break into your car using the door bend method as being discussed over on uk-mkivs - you would still set your alarm off as it has interior sensors.

As much use the alarm is......
But they turn the alarm and interior sensors off when they break in...

They turn the alarm off, unlock the doors and they have full access to your car...

apart frm drive it

I would consider getting some kind of OBD port blocker, there are devices that disable the keys in less than a minute and

are being used all over.

We offer a solution, which blocks all unauthorised access to your OBD port and is fitted and approved by the AA. if you want to take a look.

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