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A3 2009 facelift pics

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Hi guys,

Looking to change my car soon, just wondering what your thoughts are on the new A3 facelift? My local dealer has a 2.0T quattro S-Line in Red and I think it looks fantastic.

I've been struggling to find some decent pics of the S-Line on the internet, lots of pics of the S3 facelift but not the S-Line. Can anyone help?

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That woudl be nice to see if there are any differences
I think even the brochure only has 1 picture in it...
Oh don't start me on this one!! I've not managed to find a good photo comparison for the Sport vs. S-line and I really want to know what the visual differences are.

I've seen a Sport at a dealer and it didn't appear to be much different to the S-line, especially at the front. The rear S-line bumper has a small "diffuser". The front "fins" are supposedly enhanced and it's got chrome surrounds on the fog lights.

I have to say though, the standard wheels on the Sport are awful.

On the whole though, I like the new facelift. I wasn't too keen on the headlights but really like them now. And the new common rail engines are supposed to be much more refined. Might Will have to arrange a test drive.
I think the S-line bumper is a toned down version of the S3 one. It has larger lower grilles compared to the sport?

I think the facelift looks great, and has really freshened the A3 up - saw one today at the stealers parked next to the non facelift which looked a bit dated in comparisson IMO.

Only thing i'm not keen on is the size of the new wing mirrors (coming from a MKIV Anni with stubby mirrors) they Audi ones look huge!
Here's a couple of pics. Couldn't take any more because my battery was almost gone (not very well prepared!). It's really difficult to see the difference in the pics though. Basically the S-line has larger, more pronounced "fins" at the bottom of the bumper, larger lower grills and, of course, chrome surrounds on the fog lights.



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Was that the Lava Grey S-Line at Shrewsbury? Think I saw that yesterday parked in the rear compound.

Looks fantastic, the pics really don't do it any justice.

Lava Grey is my second choice at the moment, only problem is being a darker colour it hides all the nice S-Line features like the larger lower bumper grilles and the rear diffuser.

Shame Audi got rid of the S-Line grille badge but i'm sure that could easily be replaced [:D]
Ignore the fact it's a cabriolet, posting these up as it has the same S-Line bumper:

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Nice one Sem, they're better pics. I must admit, I've only just noticed that there's a another bit of difference to the s-line bumper above the fog light...nice. It does look that bit more aggressive than the standard bumper...I wasn't convinced at first.

No, it's not the Lava Grey. It's actually the black TDI cab that was parked outside the main doors. The salesman started it up (took him ages to find the keys!) for me to hear how refined the new engines were. I have to say it was very impressive. I assume you're going petrol though?

Colour-wise, I'm just not sure which to go for. I'd decided on Meteor grey but was disappointed when I saw one - quite a flat finish to it. Black's going to be too much work to keep clean and swirl free so I'm thinking either Monza silver or maybe lava grey.......decisions decisions. Mind you, I have a bit of time to decide - can't see me ordering before January.
Just been over to Stafford Audi, got lots of pics which i'll post up shortly.

I was very close to ordering an Ibis White 3 door S-Line with Black styling package but I saw one in the flesh today and was a bit disappointed, so much so that I have changed my mind on colour.

Also got some pics of a Meteor grey S-Line and some good shots of Monza Silver on an A4 S-Line.

I'll be going for the 140PS TDI, managed to have a test drive of one today and I was really impressed, they are so much more refined than the old 1.9 PD engine, almost sounded like a petrol. You could hear no diesel clatter from within the cabin.
Manged to get some pics of this today, I can't make up my mind up on it - it was one of the colours on my shortlist (with the black styling package).

This particular one was a 1.4T S-Line, do these have a different suspension setup as it seemed to sit a little higher than a 2.0T quattro I have seen at another stealers.

Next to an S3 sportback facelift:

And a few of a Meteor Grey S-line they had in stock:

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Some Monza Silver pics (exclusive to the S-line), i'm liking this colour:

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[quote user="Sem"]I'll be going for the 140PS TDI, managed to have a test drive of one
today and I was really impressed, they are so much more refined than
the old 1.9 PD engine, almost sounded like a petrol. You could hear no
diesel clatter from within the cabin.[/quote]

Sem, I've got agree - the diesel is so much quieter than the old PD engines. Like I said earlier, the salesman started the engine to show me. What I forgot to mention was that it was the A3 cab and you could barely hear the engine (top up obviously!). The staff were moving a lot of the cars around too and a lot were CR diesels and even from cold were nice and quiet.

You've made me question myself regarding the meteor grey with those pics. It actually looks nice in the photos. Think I need to see it again, although I am quite liking the Monza silver....

Thanks for taking and posting those pics Sem - I've only come online to look for pics of the A3s in the new colours, especially Monza silver and Meteor Grey! [Y]
I cant believe how good it looks without the chrome

That white one gives me the shivers

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so would you go for the 140 or the 170 ? My thought was the 170 so that I wouldn't have to go for the ( cough) "extra boost facility" but its £930 more than the 140...
I'm looking at the 140, drove one yesterday and I was really impressed. I wasn't exactly driving it gently on my test drive and it still returned 40mpg. The same drive in my Anni would have returned around 32-34mpg.

There is definitely some good remap potential there on the new CR 140.

Ok, so it's obviously not as quick as my Stage 2 Anniversary TDI but i've done the highly tuned diesel thing now and I think it's time to move on [:)]
Am I being naive but surely it's better to get the 170 if you're looking at a 140 with a view to remapping it. Ok, I know it's £900 more but a remap is around the £400 mark (at a guess) so we're down to £500 difference, then the extra insurance for a modded car and an invalidated warranty.

Oooooh, I'm getting old..........................
The Superchips map on the PD170 takes it to 197bhp. The PD140 mapped to 185-190bhp.

Didn't think there was that much between them.

Not sure how the new CR engines will map though.
bloody hell - thats a conservative map...I'd expect the 170 to be 180-190 as standard in reality....
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