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A few Rolling Pics of Beddie and Curly's A3's

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Mmmmmm... check that blank grill out [:D]

Really pleased with this shot, managed to capture the lights at just the right height to create a dazzle effect
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Some great shots, especially that last one.
[quote user="Sem"]

Some great shots, loving that last one.


I'll second that Tabs, you even managed to capture my smile... [:D]

New desktop pic for me, cheers mukka! [Y]
Let me know if you want high-res versions, those are only 800x600!
Love the black grill, looks so much better. [;)]

Mark, please can I have a few of mine at high res? My resident pro photographer expert is going to have a mess with them. In fact he says he'll come next time in his bouncy TDI 90.

Also if you have any with plenty of sky in them, either mine or someone elses. He's got some nifty Top Gear style moody sky effects he can add.
Mood sky effects = win [Y] Got plenty of yours, will wack them into a zip and email them over.
[quote user="wellsy"]

Love the black grill, looks so much better.


I agree, the pre-facelift grille in black looks really nice. I don't think the new facelift style grille in black looks as good though
I think it depends on the colour of the car.
well done Tabs - good pics

especially the dazzle lights one [Y]
Thanks! There's another Rolling Meet planned for September, keep an eye out for some more shots [Y]
great shots Tabs ! were you dangling out a window for those ?
Still waiting for the email with the shots from the last one Mark![;)]
now they are 3 very very good pics.

wel done tabs and car is looking perrrrfect too[Y]

Tabs, great pics.

Hello all form the trainee!
[quote user="Gary Cundliffe"]


[/quote] smartarse.......
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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