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5th Gear

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Afternoon all, I've never been a huge fan of 5th gear, not a bad show but its never even came close to what Top Gear does but.... is it just me or have they really stepped it up in their latest series?! Have Sky+ every episode & watched them all, with their new top of the range test center, boasting everything you could ask for, a 1 Mile straight, high speed bowl, 4x4 course, handling circuit, even a cobbled track for testing the ride etc... They've done some cracking road tests & had some top celeb guests, They're also giving a car away each week...

The presenters are certainly no Clarkson, Hamster or May but they have really seemed to put some effort into catching the TG boys up....

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They have been giving a car away each episode for a while now i think. I'm still quite undecided about fifth gear. I think they want to try and be a top gear with some of their stupid test "challenges" like the scirocco and that kyte flying fella, but when they do a normal review then they seem pretty good.
Not seen any of the latest series

always had time for Tiff though - seems to know how to throw a car around!!

as for VBH ?..........[;)]
Not too sure on VBH personally. She just giggles like a kid and probably leaves stains on the seat while giving it some [au]

LOL I'm unsure at VBH too, i'd only give her the one, and it would just be for her benefit hehe
Nothing wrong with taking VBH for a test drive. And Tabs, there's always the obvious way to stop her giggling. [:D]

Anway, enough of this filth. I'm going to stick my neck on the line but I've seriously gone off TG. It's all so obviously scripted, you just know what to expect. Seems to be more about the presenters showing off than the cars nowadays. This series of Fifth Gear is much improved and bar Tiff, who annoys me to hell, I prefer it to TG now.
[quote user="Tabs"]

Not too sure on VBH personally. She just giggles like a kid and probably leaves stains on the seat while giving it some


Thats funny!

Personally can't stand her, or the one who looks like Justin le-collins. Tiff and Plato make the show and thats why its only 50% as good as top gear. It does try to be more serious though giving more detailed footage of cars and test drives etc, this season was a lot better.
I like 5th gear when they do serious car tests....but when they go stupid i tend to turn over. Tiff is good[Y]
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