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hey guys. im usualy busy on uk-mkivs so this is my first post on here!

right basically my mum has a 3.0 V6 A4 Cabriolet, on an 03 plate. we had it from new and its been brill, but this morning she went to start at and its totally dead. it doesnt even turn over, its completely dead. mr RAC man got it started this morning though, it revs for a bit and then cuts out..

he said it was the auxiliary air injection pump. is this correct? any body know what could be the problem if it isnt this? i did search but couldnt find much! apprently this fan kicks in after the engine is stopped, but for some reason the RAC guy said it kicked in after she used the car lastnight but it stayed on all night lol, draining her battery.

appriciate quick reponses if you can guys.

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