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2.0TDi, Anyone running an uprated panel filter?

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Hey all,

As per the title really, anyone running an uprated panel filter such as K&N, Green Cotton etc on their 2.0TDi?

Toying with the idea of one to compliment my Milltek 'zorst so just wondering about the benefits and possible pitfalls such as filter oil shafting my MAF, any thoughts/ expieriences?

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Not sure about the benefits TBH - are there power benefits for a diesel?
Zero gain on a TDI mate, really not worth bothering with IMO.

I had a Green Cotton in my Anni for a bit but noticed no difference at all so I went back to an OEM paper one when I replaced the MAF.
i replaced the panel on the Golf - no difference whatsoever - infact, I think it runs better with the standard one
Panel ones are meant to be crap...

A CAI (Carbonio one) makes it sound a lot different!

Dont know about performance...

in, if you search for "how to make a diesel sound better" there's a vid with a mk4 gttdi with one...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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