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Hi all - not the most exciting or in-depth report this, but, I thought I'd best post due to the nature of the car. Ta!

Toyota Supra MKIII 3.0 Turbo
- 50k miles. Owned since 1990! Enhancement and
Protection Detail.

I've been
looking forward to this one... I first saw the car whilst working on an Audi S8:

Spotted here
in the background

As said, the
Supra has been in the family since 1990; only two owners from new! Needless to
say, it's quite a tidy piece of kit!

the S8 was put through a Winter Protection Detail. However, after seeing what
was possible in an Enhancement jobbie, the owner requested that the Audi went
through the latter. I spent Day 1 completing the Enhance work on the S8 and
later capturing a few 'before shots' of the Supra prior to completing the engine
bay. Day 2 was my birthday! But, like a total douche, I'd forgotten my camera!
Fortunately, I was able to borrow the customers Canon..


  • AutoGlym FastGlass

  • AutoGlym Vinyl and Rubber Care

  • Autosol

  • AutoSmart G101

  • AutoSmart Tardis

  • AutoSmart Bio Brisk

  • Chemical Guys JetSEAL901

  • Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel

  • Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild

  • Dodo Juice Limeprime

  • Dodo Juice SuperNatural

  • Jeffs Werkstat GLOS

  • LTT Auto Ultra Foam

  • LTT Auto Ultra Protect

  • Meguiars Super-Degreaser

  • Meguiars Last Touch

  • Meguiars Wheel-Brightener

  • Sonus Green clay

  • ValetPRO Snowfoam

photos from Day 1:

There was
only a light film of dust over the car but because of the bug splats, greasy
door sills and tar deposits, it warranted the full wash stage..

The First job
on day 1 (after finishing the Audi S8), was the engine bay. Although it was
rather presentable to begin with I still managed to spend an hour in here as
all of the paintwork had a fine layer of grease fixed to it and all the
plastics and hoses needed a gentle wipe down/dressing. AutoSmart Tardis is an
invaluable product for such engine bays..
The whole underside of the bonnet was cleaned with Tardis removing the
stubborn film of grease.


OK, day 2.
This is where I forget my camera..

No photos
were taken through the 'wet-stages'. Surplus amounts of G101 and Tardis were
used to shift bug splats, tar deposits, immovable dirt build-ups in panel gaps
and the petrol filler housing.. Snowfoamed in the usual manor and washed with
two buckets.

Car was
brought inside for the clay stages - for once, it was rather hot outside!

wasn't too bad - I was expecting a lot more pick-up if I'm honest..

Rolled back
outside to inspect paintwork:

And back
inside with the Brinkmann:

readings were rather impressive! (for twenty year old paint!)

Dodo Juice
Limeprime, a 3M Polishing Pad and the Kestral Rotary was used to carry out
enhancement work...



I didn't capture
too many photos through this stage; not too familiar with the camera!

The exhausts
looked pretty tired. Not sure how well these would clean up..

After an
initial clean with some degreaser followed by plenty of elbow grease and
AutoSol, I was able to make a slight improvement (lots of stubborn pitted areas
that wouldn't budge remain..)

dressed with Chemical Guys' New Look Trim Gel, all external paintwork waxed
with Dodo Juice Supernatural.

cleaned with FastGlass, leather treated to LTT's Auto Ultra Kit and rest of
interior cleaned as nesarcary. A final wipedown with Werkstat GLOS after some
'tooth-pickery' work, and, we're finished!

It was at
this point the black e39 M5 I'd worked on a week or so ago made a special guest
appearance (allowing for the final 'sun-shots' I was originally after!)

Final few of
the Supra once tucked away back inside:

A stunning
car! A real credit to the owners.

Thanks for


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Your right about stunning car Jim, my mate used to have one, what a car,its a pity toyota stopped making them

by the way another cracking job

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Thanks all!

I'm interested in hearing the owners thoughts RE this one.. The 'owner owner' (as, the chap that had me over for the work was the ACTUAL owners son.. heh!) returns to the UK on Thursday, so, will have a few suprises for him when he gets back!!

On another forum, a member picked up that I could have taken the exhausts tips off to fully clean them. Why didn't I think of that! There were a couple of bolts at the back, so, yeah.. to go the extra mile! D'oh. (next time....)

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Jim we have the Tardis at work,whats the best way to use this ? is it a spray on leave and wash off or spray on and aggitate with a brush or alike then wash off ?

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For tar deposits Leach, I spray on, watch the tar melt and wipe away with a clean mf. I like to rinse the area well after though to remove residues - if not wash the whole car again. (If you come across stubborn pieces, there is nothing stopping you having a little pick at it with your finger nail, too! ;) )

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Sorry i meant for the under bonnet items like hoses etc or am i reading into it wrong,if so what do you use on the engine and trims

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ah I see - my bad.

The underbonnet areas were covered in a fine film of grime.. I applied Tardis to a microfibre and just wiped the area clean. Worked a treat. After it was all done, I used a new mf, doused in Last Touch, to wipe the area down.

I only used this approach on the metalwork; hoses etc were cleaned with G101 and eventually dressed with AutoGlym Vinyl and Rubber Care.
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