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Hi all I’m having issues with 08 A6 3.0tdi tiptronic. When starting in the morning I’m getting parking brake malfunction and parking brake auto release malfunction being displayed on the dash but the parking brake releases ok, the car also will not come out of Park when trying the select drive and the PRNDS is not being displayed on the dash. If I sit in the car for about 30mins it will eventually clear itself and and be back to normal for the rest of the day until you leave it for more the 6 hours.

fault codes I’m getting are
02443 control head
00446 function limitation due to under voltage
01315 gearbox control module missing message intermittent
P1626 engine/transmission communication missing message intermittent
I have replaced the battery,rear calliper motors, parking brake control module and Parking brake switch.

any ideas would be helpful. Thank you
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