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  1. A4 (B5) 1995 - 2001
    Hi All, After looking for an A4 for some time I have finally got myself one. I had originally been looking for a B5 1.8T but I came across a P reg 1.8 petrol in immaculate condition at a price I couldn't refuse so I bought it! All in all I love the car and for a 1.8 NA petrol engine its...
  2. A4 (B5) 1995 - 2001
    Hi fellas, just wanting some opinions on what to do with my car/problem. I have an A4 B5 1.8t quattro. About 2 years ago I (idiotically) overfilled it with oil - and it died. Engine was wrecked. I tried to source a new unit for it over the next couple of months, but my money situation defeated...
1-2 of 2 Results