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  1. A4 Series
    Afternoon all, I bought my 1st Audi in March 2021 and the dealer said they would service it for me. 1 year on and the oil change light is on. Is that normal? Also, how much should I reasonable expect an Audi dealer to charge for an oil change? Thanks
  2. Audi and Independent Dealers
    My service plan has run out [ on an A5 ] and I need to get a 50,000 mile service done. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get a trusted non-main dealer service please? I'm near Oxted/Redhill area. Any help gratefully received.
  3. A4 (B8) 2007 to present
    Hi Guys, Giving my Audi A4 an Oil Service this week at some point. Now my question is quite simple, is there any point at all in using Molyslip Engine Protector? I've seen a lot of people swear by the stuff...
  4. The Off Topic Lounge
    Hi I was just wondering how important main dealer/audi service history is on re-sale? If the service history is up to date and audi main dealer parts have been used, but the service itself has been carried out at n independent garage, will it affect the re-sale value or desireablity? many...
1-4 of 4 Results